Behind the Screens: A Peek into Janea’s Remote Native Home Office

April 25, 2023

By Jamal Robinson

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The Janea team currently spans 21 countries over four continents. Being a remote native company, we can't share "bring your dog to work" or office team photos, but that doesn't stop us from mingling through a screen or three. Last month, what started as a simple request for webcam recommendations soon spiraled into a 100+ message slack thread of our team sharing their workstations, featuring some (shall we say) interesting ornaments.

Take a peek at some of our team's setups.

The Minimalists


Modern, minimalistic, with some snazzy tech. Very fitting for our Senior iOS Developer, Denis Bogomolov.


Marcell, our Business Operations Manager, takes good care of his plants.

Mood Lighting

A couple of the team members like a little ambiance while they work.

Marcell Keyboard Lighting.png

Marcell’s also a big mechanical keyboard advocate.

Pjero Keyboard.png

Pjero, our Front End Software Engineer, is partial to some mood lighting.

The Lego Enthusiasts

Filip workspace 1.png

Our Lead Software Engineer, Filip, is never far from a drum set.


Mike W Workspace.png

Cozy, approachable, and ergonomic, just what you’d expect from our Head of People Operations. Mike’s a big DIY enthusiast and he built this desk himself.

Mike and Filip also bonded over their shared love of Lego, having built the same Lego Bonsai.

The Three-Screeners

Stefan 3 monitor setup question.png

You’re not Stefan (Senior Software Engineer).

Jaime Setup.png

Jaime, our Lead Software Engineer, is also part of the three-screen crew. 

Mike Decerbo Setup.png

The Weird and Wonderful (maybe just weird)

Artur Setup.png

Senior Software Engineer, Artur, took a different approach and decided to share a gift from his 2-year-old that’s very close to his heart. 

Roko Setup.png

Following on from Artur, Roko (Recruitment Operations Manager) doesn’t take the most conventional approach to remote working. Just keep your camera off and mute when necessary, please.

The Foodstation/Workstation

Veronika Setup.png

Uncomplicated and efficient, Veronika, our Senior Global Technical Recruiter, doesnt need bells and whistles to be effective.

Jelena Setup.png

It looks like we have an artist in our midst. If you look closely, you’ll see that Jelena, our Technical Recruiter, has brought the Sahara to Croatia. 

The Oldschooler

Marek Setup.png

Yes, that is a pretty old monitor, but it works well for Software Engineer, Marek, and if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

The Music Lover

Zak Setup.png

Another sprucy setup. It’s no wonder Zak, VP of Strategy, frequently contributes to the #chillout-music channel.

The Winner

Alexis Setup.png

Hands down, the snazziest of us all. Our Founder and Chairman of the Board, Alexis, likes to lean back while he’s working. It wasn’t a competition, but if it were, he would win. 

Being a remote native company allows us to recruit the best talent from across the globe, and our culture of trust and hard work means that our colleagues can be flexible with their working hours. We provide our employees with a (perhaps underutilized) allowance to get the necessary equipment to set up their office. We’re proud to have a diverse workforce, and although we’re working from home most of the time, we have a company-wide meetup a couple of times a year too.

Want to join our world-class team? View our open positions here.

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