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About Janea Systems

Created for World-Class Engineers, By World-Class Engineers

We are a high-impact, enterprise-grade software engineering services company made up of world-class, globally distributed, software engineers. We understand what it takes to build world-class software, from first-hand experience, and we have an intricate appreciation of the challenges that our customers are facing in the fast-moving world of technology. Our clients have trusted us, time and again, to solve their most complex technological challenges and to accelerate and scale their mission-critical software engineering and product development initiatives.


Our Vision

We strive to create a world where technology enables people and businesses to achieve their full potential, regardless of geographic barriers, through connecting elite talent with transformative opportunities.


Our Mission

Harness the power of the best software engineers, across the globe, to solve the most complex technological challenges. 


Our Values

Quality, reliability & excellence
Pragmatism & simplicity
Honesty, forthrightness & transparency
Hard work & mutual respect

Our Founding Principles

Code as a Powerful Tool for Problem-Solving

We believe in the extraordinary power of code for problem-solving, recognizing that in an era where software is redefining industries, software engineers shape how we work and live.

Programming Languages as a Means to an End

Our view of engineering goes beyond mere code writing; it's fundamentally about using code to solve complex problems. Using programming languages as versatile tools, much like a skilled carpenter selects the right tool for precision work, we tackle the most formidable technical challenges.

Recognizing Exceptional Engineering Talent

We recognize the immense difference between a good engineer and a great one. The exponential value and contributions of exceptional engineers set them apart from their peers. Our commitment to this exponential value of high-quality engineering drives our mission.

Bridging the Global Talent-Opportunity Gap

Talent is globally distributed, but opportunities are not. That's why we are committed to bridging the gap by fostering a remote-first, global environment to empower brilliant engineers to thrive and tackle cutting-edge projects wherever they are.

Enabling Business Success with Engineering Excellence

By harnessing the collective force of the world's premier problem solvers, we can enable businesses to surmount their most complex technical challenges and successfully deliver on their core mission.

Our History

2003 - 2010

The Birth of Janea Systems

Janea Systems Incorporation and Approved Microsoft Vendor Status: 2003 began an extraordinary journey in software engineering excellence. Shortly after its inception, Janea Systems achieved recognition as an approved vendor by Microsoft, setting the foundations for a trusted, long-term partnership.

Leading and Contributing to Mission-Critical Projects Remotely: Janea Systems led and contributed to mission-critical projects remotely while fostering collaborations between Microsoft and a diverse range of skilled professionals globally. Janea Systems worked on several core Microsoft products and critical engagements, including .NET CLR, Skype, Microsoft Teams, ChakraCore JavaScript Engine, and more.

Our Expertise

AI, ML & Data Solutions Engineering


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Databases and Storage Solutions

  • We understand what it takes to build world-class data storage solutions. Our in-memory data store and caching solution, Memurai, now serves Fortune 500 companies and government institutions. Memurai stems from our leadership in the Redis on Windows project initiated by MSOpenTech in 2013.

Data-Intensive, Mission-Critical Distributed Systems

  • We specialize in architecting resilient infrastructure for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments and creating frameworks, middleware, file systems, protocols, and more.
  • Our commitment to detailed monitoring, logging, and secure authentication processes allows organizations to effectively manage complex, mission-critical systems.

IoT, Embedded, Firmware, and Driver Development

  • Our experience spans building custom real-time embedded software, debuggers, bootloaders, low-level software frameworks, drivers, and more.
  • We support the development of products in a wide range of industries in the realm of hardware-oriented programming, including consumer electronics, defense, industrial, medical, and space systems. Learn how we've enriched Azure Maps with IoT-driven indoor mapping precision, elevating navigational technology, here .

Developer Tools, Frameworks, and Platforms


Software Development Tools

  • Our origins stem from a heritage of building open and closed source, systems-level software development tools, including operating systems, APIs, SDKs, compilers, and command-line interfaces.

Custom Tools (Debuggers, Code editors, IDE's, and more)

  • We build custom solutions to enhance software development workflows, boosting productivity and accelerating development cycles across varied platforms and OSs. This includes debuggers, code editors, and IDEs to meet the intricate needs of sophisticated enterprise projects.

Take a look at how our work impacts millions of developers and billions of people worldwide here.

Cloud Solutions, Platform Engineering & Digital Products


Cloud Native Systems

  • We leverage cutting-edge cloud architecture and DevOps practices to build robust infrastructures and facilitate innovative applications' continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.

System Performance and Optimization

  • Janea Systems has the technical depth and expertise in developer toolchains and systems libraries to optimize the performance of high-level software and underlying libraries and tools. Discover how we've been maintaining Node.js on Windows for over a decade, achieving a 40% increase in file I/O speed here.

Modern Web Technologies

  • Deep web tech is where our team has a lot of fun. Our team boasts unrivaled skills in constructing large-scale web applications with a history of leading the development of JavaScript engines, runtimes, JS interpreters, and JIT Compilers.
  • We have been trusted to port React Native modules (iOS & Android) to Windows on behalf of Microsoft and worked on core tech supporting IE.

Mobile Development

Prototyping and POC Acceleration

  • We excel in transforming pioneering ideas into tangible prototypes, rapidly advancing these concepts toward market readiness. Find out how our expertise propelled the revival of Microsoft PowerToys, streamlining the development of innovative utilities here.

Technology Research & Solutions Architecture Engineering


Enterprise Open-Source Development

  • Our longstanding involvement in leading open source projects exemplifies our dedication to innovation and the collaborative spirit of the tech community.

Technology Architecture and Maturity Assessments

  • We provide strategic insights and comprehensive assessments to guide the evolution of technology architectures within client organizations. Delve into our partnership with Merck — a prime example of our technology architecture and assessment expertise in action.
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A Team of Seasoned Professionals, Dedicated to Engineering Excellence

Our leadership team at Janea Systems is composed of accomplished professionals with extensive experience in the software engineering industry. Their collective expertise and dedication to excellence guide our company's strategic direction, ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional value to our clients and maintain a culture that fosters growth, innovation, and collaboration. Learn more about our leaders, their backgrounds, and their commitment to driving Janea Systems forward.

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